Mid Century Modern Furniture For The Modern Texan

Mid Century Modern Furniture For The Modern Texan - MidinMod

In today's market, you may also see Mid-Century Modern furniture labeled MCM for short. Some of the characteristics that define this style are:

  • Simplistic: Ornate elements are used sparingly if at all.
  • Functional: Abides by architect Louis Sullivans philosophy, Form follows function.
  • Organic: Uses shapes found in nature that tend to lead to soft curves.
  • Geometric: Utilizes basic shapes for clean lines and sleek edges.
  • Diverse: Embraces a large range of materials and colors

Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern, is a name that gets mentioned often these days. It can be seen everywhere from Art museums to Walmart!. The Mid-60’s look inspires a feeling of nostalgia that can't be replicated by any other furniture piece. With a recent increase in Mid-century furniture in social media outlet(Instagram and TikTock posts), it seems the style has evolved for the current century But with Millenials soon to surpass baby boomers as the largest real estate owners in America, we ask if Mid-century furniture evolved with a generation much different from the past one.

With a new generation taking over the real estate market(millennials), design experts are unsure how there will be a shift in home decor and furnishing. Many millennials feel that Mid-century furniture fills a lot of gaps other home deore choices do not. One is the need for minimalism and ease of travel. Others are the way internet social sites and FOMO have an effect on millennials purchasing choices. Below are just a few of the options Mid Century Furniture gives to the modern Texan.







Pet Friendly Furniture Centerpiece



Tanned leather is a great pet-friendly furniture option—and is especially great for those who love antiques and pieces that tell a story because of the way leather ages.

A leather sofa with pets will definitely experience some wear and tear. But, if you invest in a sofa made of high-quality leather, it will age beautifully and develop a beautiful patina. So, like a beautiful pair of vintage leather boots, the inevitable scratches and scuffs will only add to the beauty and personality of the piece, whether a sofa or accent chair. Bonus: Leather is also super easy to clean and vacuum, making banishing dog hair a breeze.




Exceed The Bar




Born between the late 1980s and 2000, millennials are now relishing their late teens through early 30s. This time of life is made golden with dinner parties and late night drinks with friends.

Next on the mid-century modern millennial shopping guide are the essentials to complete your hosting setup:

The bar cart is back in style, an affordable add-on to any living space.

If you are feeling adventurous, choose instead to go the extra step by utilizing high-top counters with bar stools.

 For an industrial vibe that readily coexists with your urban surroundings, target mid-century modern stools that flaunt a stylish mix of natural teak wood with metal legs.




Furniture for the Future

Mid-century modern designers, including Charles and Ray Eames, Ero Saarinen, Paul McCobb and the like, drew their inspiration from visions of a world yet discovered.

 Your personal captain’s chair awaits.

 For a generation that understands the importance of self-empowerment, there’s no better home addition than a lounge chair that is stylish, comfortable and bold.

 More commonly known as the Tulip Chair, but notably comparable to a captain’s chair from your favorite sci-fi guilty pleasure, this high-armed, high-backed option is enticing for a tech-savvy generation.





Make a statement



No one style is sure to please 75 million millennials, but mid-century modern furniture’s bold style keenly represents a distinctive generation that’s committed to affordability and quality.

 Let your furniture speak to your personality.

Start your quest for affordable furniture at MidinMod, online or in our Houston-based showroom.


Devise a plan to develop your own personal twist on whatever design strategy you visualize. Get inspired by reading design magazines and watching home improvement TV shows. Blogs can also help introduce you to the modern furniture trends of 2022. 

Be sure that, as much as you desire a beautiful and trendy home with top-rated elements, your home reflects your personality. Let your home speak for itself as soon as your friends and family walk through the door for a dinner party. 

Are you looking to add more character to your new place? We've got you covered at our modern furniture store in Houston. Check out our complete online inventory packed with the latest mid-century modern furniture trends at www.midinmod.com

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