Mid Century Furniture - Furniture Shopping For The Millennial Home

Mid Century Furniture - Furniture Shopping For The Millennial Home - MidinMod

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Everyone aims to be trendy and in fashion, but few things are truly timeless. Replacing a shirt or pair of pants is one thing, however replacing a $1000 couch is another thing entirely. While Millennials are often encouraged to buy furniture that makes them happy, they might stop to consider if a piece is enduring or temporary. How it will look in their house after 3 or 4 years, and will they still appreciate the color, fabric, and style? We will give you a few reasons why MidinMod offers the best furniture in Houston for millennials. 


Ethical and Sustainable 



Having these considerations in mind while buying furniture, we encourage our Millennial customers to visit our stores or website for stylish furniture that is proven to stand the test of time: Mid-century modern furniture. Recently many people have gravitated towards this style of furniture for nostalgic reasons, with many younger Millennials now discovering the style for the first time. One benefit to Mid-century pieces is that they are perfect for the environmentally aware and conscientious homeowner. Many of the furniture finishing's offered by contemporary furniture stores are often sourced by manufacturers that promote their products as being made from rare and limited materials, such as nearly extinct woods or fabrics made from a non-renewable source. Mid-century furniture, on the other hand, often features materials from naturally renewable sources. For example, our Murphy end tables use renewable elements such as bamboo in the manufacturing process. This means not only will your home be lively and have a modern edge to it, but it will also be filled with materials that will bring you the pride of knowing you helped your home reach its potential without unnecessarily harming our planet. 


Good Investment



Furniture is not always the first thing that come to mind when it comes to “good investment” but with more research you’ll see that Mid-century furniture can be great in both the short and long run. Mid-Century furniture is always well made using sustainable, materials — teak, rosewood, bamboo & fiberglass being just a few of these — and as result, is constantly looked after! But why else are Mid-century furniture like this a good investment? Because there aren't many of them around for purchase. There are many knock-offs and reproductions, but originals are limited. Not only will they hold their value, as they become rarer over time, their values will increase. 


Built To Last. 



Functionality ensures a long life! Mid-century designers are focused on the principle of “Form Follows Function”. Each set of our Houston furniture is designed with its purpose in mind. Whether that is to be a comfortable sectional sofa or to be a solid and study bamboo modern end table. This commitment to quality and functionality, has ensured that all our Houston furniture sets stand the test of time and will remain in good shape for years to come if properly cared for. This means purchasing a couch from one of our furniture stores in Houston Tx is an investment you’ll benefit from years down the line. 






Mid-century furniture never goes out of style! Even those not familiar with the Mid-century style of furniture can see the charm in each furniture set. The clean lines, organic curves , and modern sustainable material means all furniture items look as much at home in your home as they do in our display showrooms. The timeless style will pair well with any home design , from classic to contemporary, and because they will never go out of style, they will always be a good investment. 


 Houston Furniture Store



Devise a plan to develop your personal twist on the design strategy you are visualizing for your home. Seek inspiration by reading design magazines and watching home improvement TV shows. Blogs can also help introduce you to the current furniture trends of 2022.  

Be sure that, as much as you desire a beautiful and trendy home filled with top-rated elements, your home reflects your personality. Your home should speak for itself as soon as your friends and family walk through the door for a dinner party.  

Are you looking to add character to your new place? We've got you covered at our modern furniture store in Houston. Check out our complete online inventory packed with the latest trends in Mid-century modern furniture pieces at www.midinmod.com. 



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