Houston Furniture Trade Program - Benefits for 2023

Houston Furniture Trade Program - Benefits for 2023 - MidinMod

It’s a valuable tool that saves time and money.

MidinModTrade program allows industry professionals to get exclusive access to our premium modern furniture at a members only price, while getting professional knowledge and a mountain of resources to assist them in their project


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Houston Furniture has seen many changes during this new decade in regards to home design. From a rise in multifunctional spaces and curved finishing's , homeowners have a variety of needs they may need. This goes double for designers,  stagers, architects, and contractors. These individuals require not only the same modern furniture designs one can expect in 2022 but also services to help meet the needs of their clients. These needs can be as diverse as the design projects they are working on but often revolve around the same 3 furniture services. 

The first is great customer service. This encompasses everything starting from your initial interest to your completed order and follow up. The second is great discounts. With the specific requests a designer or stager may ask for, the trade program offers discounts that allow the designer to worry about the vision and not the cost. The final benefit expected from a trade program in 2022 is exclusive access. Having first and extended access to modern furniture collections and previews. 

Modern Furniture

Members at our furniture stores in Houston also will receive a dedicated trade concierge team wholly focused to world class service until your project is completed. The team will provide members with expert assistance and modern furniture details including but not limited to dimensions, materials, finishes and fabrics, pricing , and inventory. They also provide project management support with floor plans, paint selects, mood boards and order management.


Focused On Your Project

 With a rise in popularity in mid century modern furniture in Houston and surrounding cities. Not only do designers have specific needs in regards to their Houston homes but also to meet the demand for modern home designs. Being the premier supply for mid century modern furniture Midinmod is proud to be a place for both the casual consumer and the experienced professional. Business owners say the program is designed to deliver great results, while also offering a place for designers to showcase their work. “ We are thrilled to have this exciting members-only program to not only help professionals but also showcase their work on our site,” said Ibrahim Ozgur, one of the owners of MidinMod.

These new services are all MidinMod’s attempts to keep their customers safe and satisfied during their furniture shopping experience. This adaptability not only goes into the business plan but is also a part of MidnMod’s relationship with employees. Knowing that employees are the main reason for our success, they are treated like family in all regards. Keeping employee's health and happiness is a main concern. As a result of this attitude our employees always try their best to keep customers satisfied in their furniture shopping experience. Savings, great service, and great Texas furniture are what can be expected when visiting a MidinMod store, in Katy and Houston Tx. The store to think about when you wonder about modern furniture stores near me.


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