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Hilal Nesting TableHilal Nesting Table (3 pcs)
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Paris Nesting TableParis Nesting Table (3 pcs)
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End & Nesting Tables

A nesting table is a group of tables that can be stored together by stacking one on the other. End & nesting tables are becoming popular since they save space in the room when not in use. Today, this type of table is usually preferred in small houses and houses with minimal decoration. The uniqueness and functionality of end tables also propose decoration tips for different styles.

End tables for small spaces may have storage areas for different purposes. Therefore, they are highly preferred in living rooms, bedrooms, or even guest rooms. Mid in Mod’s End & nesting tables will change the style of your space into a more modern and elegant one.

End Tables: A Must-Have for Every Home

The demand for functional and space-saving furniture increases day by day. End tables are one of the popular pieces of furniture for tiny and minimalist houses. End tables successfully declutter the living room or bedroom space with their convenient structure. This all-purpose furniture is a great option for small home parties. 

End tables are not perfect for tidying the space but also for decoration. Thanks to various colors, styles, and finishes, end tables are also excellent elements to complement the room's design. They can pop up the design and create an eye-catching corner in the room.

There are several reasons why end & nesting tables are a must-have for every home. As nesting tables can be tucked away when not in use and pulled out only when needed, they are excellent for preventing congestion and making the room look more spacious. 

During gatherings, end & nesting tables serve with their versatile functionality. Since they are portable and easy to relocate in the house, they can be used for different purposes. For example, end tables for the living room may be used as coffee table when needed. Besides, end tables for bedrooms or end tables with drawers may be considered nightstands.

Thanks to their sophisticated features, end tables have a variety of uses. There are some styles with space for storage underneath the table. For instance, end tables with shelves may also be used as an additional storage area in the living room and bedroom. So, it is a perfect accessory for minimal-themed houses. 

Add Style & Function to Your Living Room with an End & Side Tables

End & side tables are an exciting way to advance the style of the room. Furthermore, they save space while transforming a room's style. Modern end tables look stylish through their different sizes, colors, and shapes. In addition to that, some styles also have a storage area and even a seating place, unlike regular side tables.

The height of nesting tables changes according to the design, and each piece has a different height. So this increases the functionality of nesting tables. And a strategically placed nesting table can bring an elegant touch to any room.

End & Nesting Table Shopping Made Easy with Mid in Mod Online Store

Mid in Mod online store for end & nesting tables is an easy way to shop. You can easily find the best option for your home in different colors, shapes, and materials. Searching for options and learning about the features from the comfort of your home is possible. It is easy to display trending models and materials at online stores.  

FAQs About End & Nesting Tables

What size end table do you need for the living room?

To decide the size of an end table you will purchase, first of all, you need to remember that end tables may be in a set of multiple pieces. So, if the living room is small and does not have much space, it might be better for you to choose among small end tables not to feel congested. 

You may consider having an end table of 3 or 4 pieces if the room is large. Even if it is a large room, you must ensure enough space to place it in the living room before purchasing it. The usage purpose also affects the size of the end table. If you intend to use it for multiple purposes, having an end table with a large surface is better.

What type of material should you choose for my end table?

The materials used for end tables are the same for other furniture pieces, including wood, metal, glass, and plastic. While choosing an end table, you can consider the material of other furniture you have in the room for them to create harmony together. 

What is the best shape for the end table (round, square, rectangle, etc.)?

The best shape for an end table depends on where you will put it in the room. Hence, it would be best to consider your house's general aesthetic look and design elements to choose the best shape. 

The best shape is probably the one that fits the best in the overall design. Besides the aesthetic concern, the purpose of usage may also affect the shape. For example, if little kids will frequently use it, it might be better to choose a round-shaped end table.

Should end tables be shorter than couches?

To make a comfortable choice, yes, the height of an end table should be within 2 inches of the sofa's height. For example, if the height of a couch is 20 inches, then you need to choose an end table of 18-22 inches.