How to Clean a Velvet Couch & Common Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

How to Clean a Velvet Couch & Common Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid - MidinMod

Velvet fabric catches the eye's attention with its bright, rich colors and soft textures. However, significance comes when it comes to maintaining these features. It is possible to clean velvet at home without hiring a professional. Although everyone knows how to clean a regular couch, velvet couches require special care and attention because it is a delicate fabric. Here are some tips on how to clean a velvet couch and avoid common mistakes.

How to Clean a Velvet Couch at Home?

To clean a velvet couch at home without professional help, you need to know following 5 tips. First, it is always recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions to learn how to clean velvet furniture. Then you should decide which method and materials you need. Here are 5 velvet couch cleaning tips.

  • Vacuum Regularly

  • Use a Soft Brush

  • Spot Cleaning

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Call a Professional

1. Vacuum the Velvet Couch Regularly

Vacuuming may be the fastest way to clean a velvet couch. By vacuum cleaning the velvet couch every 2 weeks, you can give the couches a fresh look and prevent dust accumulation up to % 85. Dust and dirt can be gently removed using the crevice tool and soft brush attachment, and cushions can be rotated for proper cleaning. Moreover, for households housing pets, the act of vacuuming translates to an effective eradication of up to 90% of pet hair and airborne particles, culminating in an environment that is both visually and hygienically enhanced.

Velvet Couch Vacuuming

2. Use a Soft Brush

Utilizing a soft brush for velvet sofa cleaning is essential to ensure the gentle yet effective removal of dirt and dust particles. Using a soft brush will help you remove the dust at a success rate of approximately 90%. The brush should be soft to avoid damaging the fabric. You must be careful to brush it in the same direction as the pile. Be gentle and refrain from using too much power. And also, brushing makes a velvet sofa look brand new.

A girl who is removing the dust on a couch with a soft brush

3. Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is a targeted and meticulous approach employed in velvet sofa cleaning to address specific stains and blemishes First of all, for spot cleaning, spills should be cleaned as soon as it happens. If you use cleaning chemicals, you should use them in a hidden space before to prevent discoloration. However, keep in mind that special cleaning products are not required all the time. 

a girl who is spot cleaning on a couch

You can simply create a cleaning solution by mixing 1 part warm water with 2 parts mild dish soap. With the help of a piece of cloth, you are ready to spot clean. Dip the cloth into the water bowl and wring out excess water. Then, rub gently not to damage the fabric. If you do not prefer using soap, you can use baking soda and some lemon juice instead.

4. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, utilizing a 1:5 water-to-vinegar mixture, offers an eco-friendly and efficient approach to refresh your velvet sofa, effectively removing up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria while maintaining its luxurious allure. You may need to get rid of creases besides removing dust. The tip here on how to clean a velvet sofa is that you should remove creases and not have them on the couch permanently as soon as you see them. In this case, you can use a clothes steamer. An iron with a steam setting also works. But please make sure that the iron never directly touches the velvet fabric. Use the lowest heat level, and do not expose any spot to heat for more than a few seconds.

Couch Steam Cleaning

5. Call a Professional

Asking for professional help to clean is a choiProfessional cleaning guarantees up to a 95% color uniformity retention. Keeping velvet furniture in optimal condition requires regular professional cleaning, typically around every 12 to 18 months, with a pure, water-free solvent.

Professional couch cleaning

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning A Velvet Couch

To ensure optimal results and preserve your velvet couch, it's imperative to be aware of common mistakes—such as using excessive pressure, which can lead to a 25% reduction in fabric longevity—when embarking on the journey of velvet sofa cleaning. You would like to feel the elegance you add to your home with the velvet sofa for a long time. However, mistakes made while cleaning can cause the color of your velvet sofas to fade and their upholstery to deform. Therefore, it is necessary to know the 8 most common mistakes below and to act carefully.

  • Not Vacuuming Regularly

  • Not Cleaning Fast Enough When Stained

  • Using Too Much Water

  • Using Harsh Chemicals

  • Scrubbing Too Hard

  • Drying Incorrectly

  • Exposing to Sunlight

  • Using Before It is Completely Dry

1. Not Vacuuming Regularly

On the surface of not vacuumed velvet sofas, dust and dirt accumulate.Over time, this build-up may lead to a 15% reduction in fabric longevity due to potential tearing. To avoid this gradual tear, you should regularly vacuum-clean the velvet couch.

2. Not Cleaning Fast Enough When Stained

Timely action is paramount when dealing with stains on velvet, as delaying cleaning can make stain removal up to 30% more challenging. The longer you leave stains on the velvet, the harder they get to remove. That's why it is essential to take action as soon as you spill liquid or food on the velvet.

3. Using Too Much Water

Before cleaning a wet velvet fabric, you should ensure proper drying to reduce the risk of staining by 20%. Trying to clean a wet fabric with a soapy solution will only cause stains to spread. Also, Excessive moisture, equivalent to over 10% of the fabric's weight, can result in sagging and compromise the material's integrity. That's why the amount of moisture and wetness is key to cleaning a velvet sofa.

4. Using Harsh Chemicals

Using harsh chemicals like bleach to clean velvet may cause up to 25% discoloration in velvet. And lead your sofas to lose their elegance and attraction. So, preferring classic methods like soap and warm water mixture can help you more. If you believe you need to use chemicals, make sure that you test it on a hidden spot before you use it to clean the entire surface.

5. Scrubbing Too Hard

Excessive scrubbing with force exceeding 10 pounds can accelerate fabric wear, thinning it by 5% and increasing vulnerability to tearing.  Also, as you move on the couch, it will become easier for the fabric to get torn. Besides, it causes piles to get pale and lose their bright tones. Therefore, you should not use too much power while scrubbing.

6. Drying Incorrectly

Employing proper drying methods, such as allowing the velvet couch to air dry or using a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting, prevents up to a 20% decrease in fabric quality. Do not use any other methods, such as sunlight, to fasten the process. In addition, vacuuming or water-cleaning the upholstery before it dries is an incorrect cleaning method.

7. Exposing to Sunlight

Exposure to Sunlight destroys Velvet's chemical components by UV radiation. And this can make the velvet sofa look dull. That's why do not use the sun to dry the sofa. Also, when it is sunny, you should cover the velvet couch with a blanket or a sheet. Protecting velvet from sunlight exposure will also protect its up to 15% color loss.

8. Using Before It is Completely Dry

Prematurely using a wet velvet couch before it's 100% dry can compromise its texture and potentially increase stain spreading by 15%. There is also a risk of permanent staining and color fading up to 20% if the fabric is used while damp.

FAQs About Cleaning Velvet Couch

Are velvet couches easy to clean?

Yes, velvet couches are easy to clean if you know how to clean velvet sofas at home. The biggest tip is to take action to clean as soon as the stain occurs. With the right cleaning tools and methods, it is not difficult to clean and take care of any velvet furniture at home. 

What is the best way to clean velvet?

The best way to clean velvet is by vacuuming and brushing it regularly. By doing this, you can prevent up to 90% dust accumulation on the velvet upholstery. Also, you can have the velvet couch free from your pet’s hair this way. 

However, if there is a stain on the couch, it is best to use a towel or an absorbent cloth to remove the spilled liquid first. Later, tap on the stain with a cloth soaked with a 1:10 soapy water mixture.

Does soap and water ruin velvet couches?

Dry cleaning is always a better option for cleaning velvet couches. But soap and water can also be used to clean it if you know the right technique. However, you should be careful not to use too much water and soap not to ruin the velvet fabric. Also, you must dry the couch well after using soap and water. Otherwise, yes, soap and water will ruin velvet couches. 

Does water damage velvet?

If water is necessary to remove a stain on a velvet couch, it can be used. But the most important point here is not to soak the couch. Instead, please wring out the cloth well and only tap on the spot. Because velvet is a sensitive kind of fabric, it is not hard to get damaged by water. 

How to dry clean a velvet sofa at home?

There are different ways to dry clean a velvet sofa at home. Utilizing a clothes steamer or an iron, employing a 1:5 water-to-vinegar solution, offers effective steam-cleaning. Another way to dry clean a velvet sofa is vacuuming to get rid of dust. Brushing with a soft brush also can help remove dust and dry clean.

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