A Guide to Mid Century Modern Furniture 2017

Hello 2017, hello another year of mid-century modern obsession.

Back in 2013, some critics believed mid-century modern furniture had reached its peak.

Yet, four years later, the supposed ‘fad’ continues, marking well over a decade since the style made its courageous reemergence on the market.

Thanks to both its timeless functionality and its aesthetically-pleasing simplicity, mid-century modern furniture and decor appear to be going nowhere anytime soon.


New year, new trends

Mid-century modern might be here to stay, but that doesn’t mean it’s stagnant.

A new wave of home and apartment-decorating aficionados have mixed a touch of the season with their own creative flare, offering an exciting only-in-2017 style.

What’s in and what’s out in mid-century modern design this year?

Check out these five must-have trends to add to your home in 2017: 

  1. Welcome, jewel tones.

Initially, mid-century modern’s clean, simplistic style seemed exclusive to neutral tones.

Stylish spaces across the country boasted stark all-white kitchens and bland all-brown living rooms, sans extraneous color. 

It’s 2017, though, and get ready:

Rich jewel tones are in, full force. 

Add a splash of warmth to your currently blasé color pallet with a jewel-toned lounge chair. Start with a mustard or dark blue, two trending colors that pop when paired with a neutral tufted sofa.

These simple but effective additions keep it classy with just enough color to stay true to the style.

  1. Bring a little of the outdoors inside

Can’t get enough of the great outdoors?

Mid-century modern furniture is a great choice for urban dwellers who want to bring a touch of the outdoors inside, whether because of vacation deprivation or a genuine appreciation for natural habitats.

Start with throwing some green into your jewel-tone color lineup:

Add a green lounge chair, wall hanging or throw pillow.

Next, incorporate all-natural woods, such as teak, rose or walnut.

Finally, don’t forget the must-have terrarium from your local greenhouse.

Soon, you will have a woodsy, down-to-earth vibe second only to the real thing. 

  1. Just enough wiggle room

With more people living in cities than in rural areas for the first time ever, space is an increasingly coveted luxury.

Throw in an expanding mid-century modern market that now has countless options for every home type and size, and there are few excuses left for bulky 1960s furniture that leaves narrow walkways, awkward gaps or crunched corners.


Cumbersome, oversized pieces are out.

One well-fitted furnishing will do the trick.


  1. Relaxation reigns supreme

Relaxing spaces are attracting the limelight this year.

No matter the style, homes that are as comfortable as they are functional are getting the buzz. 

At its best, the crisp lines of mid-century modern design can be carefully balanced with gentle curves. This fusion creates a relaxing environment that is clean and minimalistic without being cold and lifeless.

Ready to unwind?

To make your favorite room feel more like a relaxing retreat, try a sectional in place of your sofa or leaf-shaped bar stools at your high-top counter.

A playful accent piece, like a mixed-metal end table or stylish chrome-based coffee table, can encourage a laid-back feel to offset an otherwise straight-laced room.


  1. Farewell, faux furniture.

One trend tops them all in 2017:

Low-quality faux furniture is out.

The longevity of the mid-century modern craze has resulted in a bevy of retailers selling knockoff lookalikes.

Unlike when the 1960s-inspired style first reappeared, mid-century modern furnishings now can be purchased for nearly any price.

The trick is finding the right mix of affordability and quality.

Guarantee that your mid-century modern selections are both reasonably priced and built to last by shopping at a store you trust.

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