Small dining room ideas are smart life hacks that will allow you to make the most out of the available space in your house. You may have a tiny house in which you need to shrink your living areas into a compact house, or you may want to change your decoration and layout in your existing house. 

Small dining room ideas are, therefore, a great help for you to turn your small rooms, limited areas in your kitchen, or a corner in your living room into a cozy dining space so that you can create a cozy space to provide you an enjoyable lunch experience or a comfortable spot to let you and your friends have a warm conversation.

Space Saving Furniture

1. Space - Saving Furniture

When you have decided to re-design your house to create a compact dining area, you will probably have difficulty squeezing tables and dining chairs into a small space. Thus, you should benefit from the small dining room ideas, the first of which is preferring space-saving furniture for maximum space utilization.

Choose a Compact Dining Table

Tables are the focal point of any dining room, whether small or large, and hence, you should start decorating your new space by using the small dining room ideas about space-saving dining tables. You can turn to round dining room tables with a smaller footprint by leaving you more floor area to put more chairs or other seating units.

Or, you can opt to get a foldable dining room table that can be folded into a compact shape or size when not in use. Tables with foldable leaves can be extended into a larger service table top when needed, and you can fold down the leaves and increase the available floor space when you do not need them.

Dining table with Foldable Chairs

Opt for Foldable Chairs

Foldable chairs are always a bright small dining room idea to increase the available seating area in your house. They can seat all your guests in comfort as long as you need them, or you can remove them out of your way and store them in your closet in stacks to open up space for a night party.

Dining Table with benches

Utilize Benches or Built-in Seating

Benches and built-in seating options are also smart additions to the houses and rooms with limited area. Benches can accommodate more people compared to the separate chairs and are also suitable for creating additional storage underneath. As another small dining room idea, you can also modify your space with built-in seating units, such as an embedded seat inside the kitchen island.

2. Optimal Layout

When you are striving to fit dining table sets into the limited space of your house, you should look for the best small dining room ideas to create the optimal layout for your comfort. For instance, you can utilize the corners by adding benches or booths to use these unutilized areas.

3. Creative Storage Solutions

Space limitations will also result in a lack of enough storage space, but you will see that a tidy and organized house is directly related to the available storage in your house. Even if you use up space by creating a new area for your meals, you will still have more storage areas if you check the following small dining room ideas.

Wall-Mounted Shelves in Dining Room

Install Wall-Mounted Shelves

Although you need every inch of your floor space, your walls will always present sufficient space for you to install new storage areas. Wall-mounted shelves are one of these options to create an eye-catching showcase of your collectibles, memories, or family heirlooms while leaving your space available for other dining room furniture.

Use Multifunctional Furniture with Storage

Since you have less area to add furniture to your dining room, you need to apply creative small dining room ideas to enrich your space with versatility. Merging diverse functions in one piece of equipment will be a lifesaver for you. For example, building a bench or booth with a drawer inside will add a seating area and a storage unit. Or, you can purchase a square dining table hosting you as a working desk.

Maximize Vertical Space with Tall Cabinets

Another way to use your walls for storage is installing wall cabinets with higher than regular units. You can declutter your room by storing plates and silverware, keeping your dining room essentials within easy reach.

4. Lighting and Mirrors

Small dining room ideas generally focus on creating a comfy and tranquil area in your house with better illumination and a cozy atmosphere.

Dining Room Lighting

Enhance Natural Light with Mirrors

Small spaces generally feel darker, so it is crucial to illuminate the room with more natural light. Even though placing your dining table next to the window can be an ideal small dining room idea to enhance the roomy feeling, you should also consider adding a mirror to disseminate the light inside the room to enhance the room’s roomy atmosphere.

Install Pendant Lights or Chandeliers

If the natural light from your window is insufficient or you cannot set your room next to a natural light resource, you can benefit from pendant lights and chandeliers as the primary light source. They can be hung over your dining table to better illuminate your table and add style to your overall ensemble.

Use Wall Sconces or Task Lighting

When you want a cozy and warm atmosphere in your house, you can use wall sconces or apply task lighting to illuminate only the area you desire or need. You can add a warm light on your wall just above your dining table or form a comfortable reading area.

5. Decor and Color Scheme

You should also consider small dining room ideas on decoration for creating the room of your dreams.

Decor and Color Scheme in Dining room

Choose Light Colors for Walls and Furniture

Painting your walls with a dark color may overwhelm the atmosphere in your room, and thus, you are advised to choose light and neutral colors to maintain the airy atmosphere of your small dining room.

Add a Pop of Color with Accessories

When designing your small dining room, you should plan the use of colors with utmost care to create a spacious area. Bright and light colors can spruce your space with an airy decoration.

Use Mirrors and Artwork for Visual Interest

To create a focal point or accent the walls for separating the area from the rest of the room, you can enliven your space with an artistic small dining room idea, using mirrors or hanging artwork to dazzle your guests and family members.

6. Window Treatments

Do not avoid getting curtains for your windows, even though they may obstruct some light from the window. They can help you improve the appearance of your dining room while enriching your decoration.

Window Treatments at Dining Area

Opt for Sheer or Light Curtains

Instead of dark-colored curtains, which will dominate the overall decoration and atmosphere, you should have light curtains to make your room appear larger.

Utilize Blinds or Shades for Privacy

Additionally, blinds and shades are among the useful small dining room ideas since they are perfect for providing you with the privacy you need.

7. Optical Illusions and Space-Enhancing Techniques

Despite the physical space limitation of such areas, you can always rely on small dining room ideas to make them look larger and more spacious by employing optical illusions and space-enhancing techniques.

Dining Room Lighting and Mirrors

Employ Stripes or Vertical Patterns

Stripes and vertical patterns can be cited as one of these techniques, and when applied, these will create an illusion of more height and airier atmosphere. You can use wallpaper to make use of the stripes or you can add shelving or install tiles in vertical patterns to enhance the space height.

Arrange Furniture to Create Clear Pathways

Ensuring an open pathway by organizing the furniture accordingly will let the light disseminate better and create an open layout in your dining room. You can use foldable tables or corner benches to empty the way for people to walk around.

8. Open Shelving and Display

Even if open shelving can be a risky preference to decorate your small dining room, it will also help improve the airy atmosphere of your space.

Dining Room Open Shelving and Display

Install Open Shelving for Displaying Items

This small dining room idea is based on installing open shelves to substitute a cabinet to open up the floor for other furniture while creating another space to store and display collectibles, plants, or photos. Since it will be a linear addition to the floating wall painting, open shelves will still contribute to the coziness and spaciousness of your room.

Arrange Decorative Objects and Plants

Plants are always a must-have addition to any style of house decoration and you should also pay enough attention to get tranquilizing plants to spruce the space with a vibrant green. For instance, succulents can be a good small dining room idea not only to enrich your decoration but also to easily fit on your compact shelves.

9. Mobile or Expandable Furniture

Flexibility should always be a principal consideration for you when designing and decorating your small dining room since it will be necessary to open up space for other needs.

Consider Rolling Carts or Sideboards

Mobility is such a concern to ensure flexibility and having sideboards on wheels or preferring rolling carts will allow you to change the location to empty the floor or have a versatile unit to store and transport things.

Expandable Dining Table

Invest in Expandable Tables or Desks

As mentioned above, expendable or foldable furniture is the key to enlarging your available space in your small dining room. Thus, furnishing the room with expendable tables and desks will facilitate hosting more guests during a family reunion while it can be used as a compact study desk while you are on your own.

10. Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is a key factor in the small dining room ideas and it requires you to get rid of the things that you do not use frequently.

Declutter and Organize Regularly

Hence, you should remove the clutter around you and preserve only the stuff that you want to use, have, or display. The minimalist approach will also help you by decreasing the cleaning time by allowing you to organize the available shelves and storage.

Keep Decor Simple and Streamlined

Small dining room ideas require simplicity and compactness to make the most out of your limited spaces. Hence, you should add a minimum number of furniture (mostly chairs/benches and a table) with a smaller footprint to leave more space as pathways and shrink the area you will need.

Outdoor Dining Area.

11. Outdoor Extension: Create an Outdoor Dining Area

Reducing your dining area into a small room is not an obstacle before you enjoy an outdoor breakfast under the spring sun. You can place your small dining room on your balcony by getting a bistro table and foldable chairs that easily host 2-4 people.


Having a dining room cannot always be an option for people, which may be due to financial limitations or personal preferences. However, you can always squeeze a cozy and elegant dining area into your house by following the small dining room ideas, which focus on higher efficiency and a smaller footprint.


What is the minimum size for a dining room?

Even though a standard dining room has 14ft x 10ft measurements, you can easily turn your available 6ft x 5ft space into a peaceful and functional dining nook or room.

Can I use a large dining table in a small dining room?

You can use a large dining table in a small dining room, but it would be wise to choose a foldable unit to lower the area it occupies when not in use.

How can I maximize storage in my small dining room?

Adding versatile or multi-functional furniture can help you maximize storage. For instance, making a bench with drawers underneath or installing a tall cabinet can give you the space you need.

What type of lighting is best for a small dining room?

Wall sconces can provide a warm light for your small dining room and pendant lights can illuminate the whole area while maintaining the spacious feeling.

How can I create the illusion of a larger space in my small dining room?

Using mirrors that will add depth or decorating the walls with vertically striped wallpaper can make your room look and feel larger.

Is it possible to have an outdoor dining area in a small space?

A small balcony or a narrow path next to your swimming pool can be converted into a nice small dining area with the right small dining room furniture. You can make use of the foldable chairs and tables or benches in the corners.

Can I use open shelving in a small dining room?

Open shelving with a consistent and attractive organization can also enhance the appearance of your small dining room.