How to Get Rid of an Old Couch?

How to Get Rid of an Old Couch? - MidinMod

Disposing of an old couch can be challenging, but there are several alternative and responsible ways as an answer for how to get rid of an old couch. Before deciding how to get rid of your couch, assess its condition, checking for stains, tears, mold, or structural issues. Landfill disposal might be the best option for severely damaged couches, while minor issues can be addressed before selling or donating the couch.

There are various methods for disposing of a couch, including donation, selling or trading online, recycling, responsible disposal, curbside giveaway, and exchanging it for a better version. Donating to charitable organizations or offering it to friends and family are excellent ways to give your couch a second life. Selling or trading online through resale apps, garage sales, or flea markets is ideal for those concerned about sustainability. Recycling the couch requires disassembling and making arrangements with recycling organizations. DIY projects can also be considered to transform the appearance of the couch, such as adding slipcovers or changing the upholstery. Curbside giveaway programs allow others to benefit from a usable couch. Some stores even offer trade-in options when purchasing a new couch.

By choosing eco-friendly methods, you can reduce waste and protect the environment while helping others in need. It is possible to avoid simply throwing a couch in the trash. 

In this article, we'll walk you through the steps you need to take to say goodbye to your old couch and make room for something new and refreshing.

What to Consider Prior to Parting Ways with a Couch?

The first to do before parting ways with a couch, you should analyze the condition of the couch. Stains, structure, tears, and mold should be checked. According to the condition of the couch, you should decide the way to dispose of it. For example, if there is a structural or mold problem with the couch, selling it is not a good idea. Going to a landfill probably is a better option. In the case of a minor problem, you can sell or donate your old couch after repairing it.

How to Get Rid of a Couch?

It is understandable that wishing to get rid of an old sofa and want to style your home by buying a new one. You can consider different ways to get rid of the old couch. There are environmentally friendly, responsible, and inexpensive ways. After doing research on several ways, you can decide which method to dispose of the couch.

Donate Couch

1. Donate to a Charitable Organization

When it is time to get rid of a used sofa, asking friends or family before throwing it to the thrash land is a beneficial option. They might make good use of a secondhand sofa in their game room or basement. Also, donating it to charity organizations in the local community is a good option too. For instance, a secondhand sofa might benefit college students or a needy family. Some charity organizations even pick it up from your home. And you can also deduct your couch donation when you file your taxes if you donate it to a charity.

Sell or Trade Online

2. Sell or Trade Online

Many people caring about sustainability prefer using second-hand and salvaged products. This may be clothes, bags, or types of furniture. If your sofa is still in good shape, you can try using resale applications or websites and make some money while getting rid of your old sofa. If you are worried about scammers, you can even try a more traditional way and organize a garage sale for your local community. As another option, you may consider flea markets in the area.

Recycle Logo

3. Recycle

First, you must check how the receiver party takes items when you recycle a couch. In this case, you need to unscrew and separate it into pieces to make it ready for transportation. You also need to remove additional accessories, such as cushions. Make sure you create an appointment for the recycling organization to pick it up from your address. 

4. Dispose of the Couch Responsibly

While disposing of a couch in a responsible way, you can consider planning a simple DIY project. If the reason for disposal is aesthetic concerns, you can update the appearance of the couch. For instance, adding a new slipcover and decorating the couch with new cushions to create a better look might be a solution. 

Dispose of the Couch Responsibly

Depending on the budget and time, you can even change the upholster to have a more cohesive look. Thus, you can choose the color and textile you would like to have. You can have a better-looked couch cheaper than purchasing a new one.

5. Experience a Curbside Giveaway 

Once you make a decision to dispose of a couch, you can put it on the curb and present it for the benefit of others. If the couch is still in good shape and durable, you can let other people take and use it. To do this, you can search for curbside programs and arrangements in your area and, thus, dispose of an old couch in an environmentally friendly way.

Couch Cusion

6. Exchange it for a Better Version

There are some stores that offer the chance to trade in an old sofa when you purchase a new one. These stores do this by offering discounts or buy-back campaigns. If you are decisive about buying a new couch, you can search for these opportunities starting from the store where you got your old couch. 


It is possible to avoid throwing a couch into a trash land. The existence of alternative solutions makes it easy to get rid of a couch in a responsible way. Choosing an eco-friendly way can protect the environment by reducing waste. And you can let other people benefit from your second-handed couch by donating it to the ones in need. Trading, exchanging, transforming, or selling a couch are the alternative ways of disposing of it.


How do I get rid of my couch in Houston?

So many items can be reused. So, you can donate your couch to reuse centers. You can call these centers to make sure that a couch can be donated. Also, a piece of furniture can be repurposed into something new by "upcycling". Plus, you can try couch disposal services to book a pick-up and save time.

How many years can you get out of a couch?

Usually, a couch lasts 7 to 15 years. However, you may see the signs of tears before this period. Fabric may get old, and the color may fade because of sunlight or stubborn stains. Or the frame might get cracked if it is an often-used couch.

Where can I throw away a couch?

It is an effective idea to rent a garbage container or hire and work with a garbage removal organization. This type of service sends you their stuff and a truck to remove the old couch. If you have a truck or an opportunity to carry an old couch, you can also drop it off at the nearest dump.

Can I put my couch next to the dumpster?

Putting a couch next to the dumpster may lead you to get in trouble since it has a huge surface. That’s why you need to seek alternative ways to dispose of a couch. For example, you can call a local reuse center or donate it to a charity shop. You can even sell your couch on second-handed product applications and websites. But, before trying these ways, you can ask your friends and family if they need it.

What is the cheapest way to get rid of an old couch?

Of course, there are different ways to get rid of an old couch. And these ways are cheap or free in general. Reuse centers usually pick up old couches from the address at no cost. Also, you can get rid of your old couch by donating it to charity organizations or giving it to people in need. 

How to get rid of a couch for free?

The best way to get rid of a couch for free is to give it away. Donation centers that accept furniture in the local area may be the place you need. Or if the couch is still in good condition, you can give it to a friend or a family member. 

Can I donate a couch that is in poor condition?

Charities usually take pieces of furniture in good condition.  Because these pieces of furniture are aimed to be used by other people. After you get in contact with an organization, they may want to see the condition of the couch. So, it is up to the organization where you want to donate your couch.

Are there any recycling fees associated with disposing of an old couch?

Furniture removal has become more popular in recent years. And it is much more cheaper and affordable than most people assume. Your location, the size of the couch, and the difficulty of disposing of it are the factors affecting fees. 

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