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One of the Fastest growing cities in Texas! From its humble beginnings in the 1800’s as a town known for its lumber and oil industries, the town of Conroe Tx has grown into a bustling city known for its diverse culture and outdoor attractions. Conroe is bordered by the 22,000 acre lake Conroe , Sam Houston National Forest, and W.Goodrich Jones State Forest, making its an ideal place for the adventure in all of us. Besides the huge amount of attractions outdoors Conroe offers plenty of things to do in the city, including theaters , shopping centers , live music , and authentic Tex-Mex restaurants.

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With the increase in population happening in Conroe Tx, also comes an increase in need for homes for sale in Conroe Tx and for furniture to turn those houses into homes. Mid in Mod furniture stores have filled that need. Realizing the city is always progressing towards a brighter future while still having strong ties to its historic past, Mid in Mod has introduced furniture that symbolizes the strong future and historic past of Conroe Tx with mid century modern furniture. The introduction of mid century modern furniture was considered ahead of its time during its conception, this has many similarities with the inception of Conroe tx as the prosperity brought to the town by the local lumber mills was unheard of in the southern United States. This along with the fact that many furniture stores in Conroe Tx fail to meet the need for elegant and affordable furniture makes shopping at Mid Mod a fantastic idea for any Conroe Tx homeowner.


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With our collection of Modern Furniture , Furniture financing, Premium customer service, we can guarantee that your home will be the envy of your neighbors!
Mid in Mod - Mid century Furniture - Handcrafted Brown Chair mid century modern sectional couches for sale houston
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mid century modern furniture Mid in Mod - Mid century Furniture - Handcrafted green sofa furniture stores in houston tx

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Use the MidinMod Trade Program to get the help you need to furnish your clients space. MidinMod Trade aims to combine your creative vision with our design team to help you succeed time and time again. Mid in Mod Trade Members get exclusive discounts, access to exclusive Texan furniture collection previews, extended deal availability, and first access to new collections. These incredible discounts are in addition to receiving notice about upcoming Conroe Tx furniture events and tradeshows. Stay in the know about the new Mid in Mod collections and furniture sets with our exclusive trade membership.

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The Mid in Mod collection has been crafted to help you bring your furniture dreams to life and make your home the envy of your friends. MidinMod customers not only get access to our huge collection of modern furniture but also our experienced staff of designers, architects, and furniture dealers. Their amazing skill sets will help make your home and workplace like never before. From classic modern sectionals to all time favorite queen and king mattresses, MidinMod has everything you need to make your dream home a reality. Furniture Stores in Conroe Tx!