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The furniture in your living room should be durable to ensure your guests are comfortable. Adding modern sofas to your home decor will amaze you and your guests. You can spice up your living room at affordable prices with a beautiful sofa that matches accessories like a coffee table.

At Mid in Mod, you can find different sofas made with high-quality upholstery.

Buy Stylish & Comfortable Sofas at Affordable Prices

Are you looking for a sofa with a recliner or a lovely sofa with a chaise bed? Having comfort and durability as our top priorities, we manufacture our sofas with the highest quality materials. Mid in Mod also offers a wide selection of sofas in different colors for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices at reasonable prices. Black, black, and gray sofas are popular colors that go well with any color scheme. Moreover, you can get eye-catching colors like blue and green sofas to make your living area look more attractive.

Pay Attention to These Details When Choosing a Sofa

There is no doubt that a sofa is a significant piece of furniture in your home, and choosing the appropriate sofa for the space you have is essential. To make an informed choice about your sofa, you should take into consideration the following factors;


The sofa should comfortably fit your living room, office, hallway, or bedroom. The golden rule to determine the size of your sofa is not more than two-thirds of the room. The rule would ensure there is enough space after you get the sofa.

Considering how many people can sit on the sofa is another important factor. A standard  3-seater sofa with 35 x 84’ dimensions can contain three people. A  loveseat is 35 x 60’ and can contain two people.


A comfortable sofa is a perfect place to relax after a busy workday. Those looking for comfort should consider sofas that offer additional functionality. A sofa with a pull-out bed, a sofa with an ottoman, or sofa beds are examples of sofas that provide additional functions.

Durability & Longevity

For the sofa frame to be durable, it is critical to use a durable material. For example, the durability of steel or hardwood sofa frames is much greater than that of plastic or softwood frames.   


Ease of cleaning is another factor to consider. A hard-to-clean sofa makes the sofa less attractive over time. Leather sofa is easy to clean and less likely to get torn by kids or pets. Fabric sofas can hold dust and are difficult to clean.


Having consistent home decor is important, so your sofa should match. For example, the mid-century sofa is a good choice if you want minimalist home decor. However, for a family with kids or pets, you should choose leather couches because of the ease of cleaning.

What Type of Sofa Do You Need?

Sofas come in various shapes and sizes, so choosing the right one can be challenging. Before you get a sofa, consider the following types of sofas and pick the one that suits your style and purpose.

Sectional Sofa

The sectional sofa is one of the most popular types of sofas and comes in diverse configurations. Sectional sofas are usually in L-shaped, U-shaped, or curved-shaped configurations. In addition, these sectional sofas can be divided into two different sections.

It is possible to separate seating areas with modular sectional sofas if you plan to have a house party. Additionally, modular sectional sofas are easier to move around because each seating can be a seat on its own.

Sleeper Sofa / Sofa Bed

A sleeper sofa is a versatile type of sofa because it serves more than one purpose. Therefore sleeper sofas serve both the purpose of a bed and a couch. You can easily turn the couch into a bed when you don't have a guest room or a bed for guests.

A sleeper sofa is easy to set up and comfortable to sleep on. They are usually available in fabric material and are heavier than other types of sofas because of their dual function.

3-Seater Sofa

Three seater sofa is another popular sofa commonly used in living rooms. These products come in either fabric or leather material and a wide range of colors. Traditional 3-seater sofas have comfortable cushions and various designs, like the Chesterfield 3- seater sofa and mid-century 3-seater sofa.

2 Seater Sofa / Loveseat

A 2-seater sofa is also common in the living room and comes as part of a set. You can use them in your living room or office to add more seating options. Loveseats are also designed to accommodate just two people and are usually used in bedrooms or small spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sofas

Which is Better Material for Sofa?

When choosing leather and fabric material while buying a sofa, you should consider your lifestyle and goal to know which material is worth getting. Both leather and fabric sofas are excellent materials, but each has pros and cons. Leather sofas have a natural elegance, easy to maintain, and have better durability. On the other hand, fabric sofas are versatile and less expensive.

Which Sofa is Good? Hard or Soft?

A hard sofa is a better choice because it supports your back, making sitting easier. In addition, a hard couch improves your sitting posture and is more durable than a soft sofa. On the other hand, soft sofas are comfortable because of their soft cushions, but they are not good for your back.

Which Sofa is Better? Leather or Fabric?

Leather sofas and fabric sofas are both excellent choices of sofas for your home. It is important to remember that both types of sofas have their own advantages and disadvantages when choosing which to buy.

For comfort, fabric sofas are more comfortable than leather sofas. They have softer cushions than leather sofas. For durability and longevity, leather sofa is a better option because they are stronger and easier to maintain than fabric sofa.

Which Sofa is Best For a Living Room?

The best sofa to get for your living depends on the size of your living room, style, and preference. The first step is to know the size of your living room and ensure the sofa you are getting does not occupy the whole living room. Small sofas like loveseats can fit perfectly in a small living room. You can also get sectional sofas, three-seater sofas, or a combination of both for big living rooms.

What Kind of Sofa is Easy to Clean?

Leather sofa is easy to clean and maintain. They do not hold dust mites and can withstand stains.

What Color Sofa is Popular in 2023?

The grey sofa is one of the most popular sofa colors all year. Grey, black, and brown sofas are neutral colors that can blend with home decor. The versatility and uniqueness of these colors have made them the most sought-after sofa colors this year.