3 Seater Sofas & Couches

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3-seater sofas & couches can be used as the centerpiece of your living space. It provides enough seating space for the whole family and for your guests. A beautifully designed 3-seater sofa will attract your guests and make them feel comfortable while they are in your home. 

Get the Living Room of Your Dreams with Mid in Mod 3 Seater Sofas

In Mid in Mod, 3-seater sofas are made with the finest upholstery material to beautify your living room. We have 3-seater sofas available in leather and fabric materials to suit your style. Leather 3-seater sofas add elegance to your living room. There are a variety of colors available for the fabric covers of our 3-seater sofas, so you can choose one that matches your home's color scheme.

If you looking for a 3-seater sofa with a recliner or a 3-seater with a chaise to relax after a stressful day at work, you can get modern 3-seater sofas loaded with extra features to make you comfortable. At very affordable prices, you can get 3-seater sofa beds and a 3-seater sofa with an ottoman.

Mid in Mod has 3-seater sofas in various colors to suit your style. Black, brown, and grey 3-seater sofa colors will blend smoothly with your existing home decor and any color scheme of your choice. You can also choose a unique blue 3-seater sofa to make your living room stand out.

Our 3-seater sofas are made with sturdy frames for durability and longevity. You can get an affordable 3-seater sofa for sale from Mid In Mod.

Usage Areas of 3-Seater Sofas

A three-seater sofa is a versatile piece of furniture useful in many places, an essential sofa to keep you or your guests comfortable at all times. These sofas are useful in the following places;

  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Offices
  • Hallways
  • Balcony-Porch
  • Waiting Rooms

Harmonize With The Decoration of Your Home

In order for your home decor to be appealing, it should harmonize with your furniture. When you harmonize your 3-seater couch with your home decor, you can create visual balance and enhance the aesthetics of your entire home. The following items must be considered before you purchase your 3-seater sofa in order to create a peaceful and calm environment:


The color of your home decor plays a major on the color of the sofa you should get. Neutral colors like black, brown, and grey 3-seater sofas will blend smoothly with most color schemes. Likewise, bright colors like a blue 3-seater sofa blend smoothly when you have a neutral color scheme in your home.


The size of your room should match the size of your sofa. There should be space to walk around at least, as an oversized 3-seater sofa makes the room crampy. The thumb rule is to make sure your sofa does not take up more than two-thirds of the size of the room. 

Arm style

The arm style of your 3-seater sofa plays a major impact on the comfort of your sofa. The English Roll Arm is a popular arm style but not the most supportive because of its low arm height. The Rolled arm is more comfortable with a higher arm height than the English roll arm. The track arm is a modern arm style with a higher arm height, and it is more comfortable.


The patterns and textures in your room are also important. You should consider getting a simple, solid-colored 3-seater fabric sofa or a leather 3-seater sofa if you have many patterns in your room.

Frequently Asked Questions About 3-Seaters

What is The Size of a 3-Seater Sofa?

A typical 3-seater sofa size is 90 inches in width, with a height of 38 inches and a depth of 34 inches. The seating area of a 3-seater sofa can comfortably accommodate 3 people.

How Long Should A 3-Seater Sofa Be?

The length or seating area of a standard 3-seater sofa is usually 90 inches, but it can vary for different brands.

Are 3-Seater Sofas A Standard Size?

The standard size for 3-seater sofas can vary for different brands. They have a width of 80’ to 90’, a height of 30’ to 34’, and a depth of  34 to 40’.

What is A Good Sofa Size?

A good sofa size for a 3-seater is 90’ in width, 38’ in height, and 34’ in depth. A 2-seater sofa or a loveseat is 63” in width, 38” in depth, and 34” in height.