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Millennials’ Guide to Mid-Century Modern Furniture

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Guide to Mid Century Modern Furniture

Try telling an urban millennial that it’s not only their generation that’s fallen in love with the sleek lines and playful curves of mid-century modern furniture, and they may just stare back at you in disbelief.

 America’s largest-ever cohort has wholeheartedly embraced the form, unequivocally claiming mid-century modern design their own with a passion for individuality that millennials do best.

 This is despite begin late on the scene. The mid-century modern rage rebooted in the late 80s and early 90s, before most that fall under Generation Y were even born.

 For these latecomers, the visionary architects and designers of the 1950s and 60s are relatively unknown.

 Ero Saarinen…who?

 And yet, millennials today furnish homes and apartments with the best the period has to offer.

 With good reason. The style?

 It fits.

 The Millennial’s Shopping Guide To Mid Mod Furniture

For many millennials, historically debt-ridden yet notoriously extrinsically-focused, affordability and style are equal necessities.

Finding two-in-one was once tricky. Not anymore.

An evolving market, nudged by the persistent, trend-bucking popularity of mid-century modern design, is quickly evening the playing field for all.

With a careful eye, young adults, too, can purchase high-end mid-1900s-inspired furniture.

 Whether you are a first-time mid-century modern furniture buyer or a longtime fanatic, these five basic mid-century modern apartment and home essentials will serve you well:


  1. The Timeless Centerpiece

 Alba Modern Sofa

Striking minimalism and glorious longevity cater to millennials’ needs without judgement.


For example, a single carefully-crafted mid-century modern piece can both stand alone and stand the test of time, a double win for any practical buyer.

Plus, save space with only one oversized fixture per room, a notable perk given the impressive number of millennials currently calling cozy city dwellings home.

To start:

Choose a sofa, dining table or coffee table that will enhance your living or dining room, both ideal spaces to share your tasteful mid-century modern sensibilities with friends and family.

As you begin shopping, take note of the wood. Though it’s not the only material readily used in the mid 1900s, it was a favorite and remains in vogue today.

Authentic rosewood, teak, oak or walnut mid-century modern furniture is a must-have for any millennial abode.

  1. A Touch of Tuft

If you opt for the sofa, look for a touch of tuft, a key component of mid-century modern design.

Tufting, the pulling together of fabric that is then securely knotted or buttoned into clusters, has returned with the rest of the era.

Subtly is key here.

One tactful row of tufts or a simple recurring tuft pattern can speak volumes given the sleek, simple lines of this period’s sofas.

  1. Select Your Side Table


In classic mid-century modern design, the playful tug-of-war between straight crisp lines and shameless curves never loses its appeal.

Find a side table that unashamedly flaunts this vibrant dynamic. 

Choose wood for a timeless look, or opt to play with a chic alternative, such as aluminum or resin. Better still, consider a bold mixture of two materials. 

Repurposed materials are a bonus, as mid-century modern prides itself for its environmental-savviness. 

  1. Exceed the Bar




Born between the late 1980s and 2000, millennials are now relishing their late teens through early 30s. This time of life is made golden with dinner parties and late night drinks with friends.

Next on the mid-century modern millennial shopping guide are the essentials to complete your hosting setup:

The bar cart is back in style, an affordable add-on to any living space.

If you are feeling adventurous, choose instead to go the extra step by utilizing high-top counters with bar stools.

 For an industrial vibe that readily coexists with your urban surroundings, target mid-century modern stools that flaunt a stylish mix of natural teak wood with metal legs.


  1. Furniture for the Future


Mid-century modern designers, including Charles and Ray Eames, Ero Saarinen, Paul McCobb and the like, drew their inspiration from visions of a world yet discovered.

 Your personal captain’s chair awaits.

 For a generation that understands the importance of self-empowerment, there’s no better home addition than a lounge chair that is stylish, comfortable and bold.

 More commonly known as the Tulip Chair, but notably comparable to a captain’s chair from your favorite sci-fi guilty pleasure, this high-armed, high-backed option is enticing for a tech-savvy generation.


Make a statement

No one style is sure to please 75 million millennials, but mid-century modern furniture’s bold style keenly represents a distinctive generation that’s committed to affordability and quality.

 Let your furniture speak your personality.

Start your quest for affordable furniture at MidinMod, online or in our Houston-based showroom.

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