Mid-century modern furniture has been a staple in Houston, TX for many years. As 2022 gets underway it appears that trend will be here for years to come. The mid-century modern look has been a constant in home furnishings, and it has not become stagnant over the years. 2022 is proving to be an exciting year for future trends focused on Mid-century furniture styles. From styles that have re-emerged to new ones that are becoming instant classics, this article is your one stop answer for what is current in Mid-century modern furniture trends. 



Modern Houston furniture


  1. Birds of a feather 


Grouping pieces in the Mid-century modern furnishing style has become increasingly common among designers and home stagers. By including a collection of matching items, such as a coffee or end table collection, a set of nesting tables, and a group of matching chairs for the dining room a bold mid-century modern design statement can be offered to any guest in your home. Accent pieces can make a room by pulling it all together for a stunning look. Think about dark, sturdy minimalist pieces complemented by a splash of the modern by choosing table sets with open shelves, compartment spaces, or slots for remotes or drinks. 



     2.Scene stealers  


In most homes living and dining rooms are the primary gathering spaces for family and friends. Keeping this in mind, having standout pieces of modern Houston furniture, such as an eye-catching mid-century style sectional sofa and coffee table set can quickly fill a space and serve as a focal point for living rooms.  


Dining tables are what real estate professionals consider ‘memory maker’ opportunities. By including a mid-century modern style dining set, memories of the past and future memories to come can be visualized in the room with ease. 


Consider how to employ each piece considering color when choosing a sofa or dining chairs. Should they be somewhat flashy and eye-catching or more of a muted and natural hue, such as classic leather materials? This depends on personal taste, but experts lean toward more traditional hues and materials in most staging situations. 


      3.Couches to laze away the day on 


Another tip to keep your home up to date with current mid-century modern trends is with featuring plump couches in your home decor this year. Not only are they extremely comfy, they are also attention grabbers that are sure to have your neighbor asking, “Where did you get that stunning piece of Mid-century furniture?” 


The kids will appreciate the trendy item that you place in the family room. Sofas that resemble day beds are being used more and more by designers, stagers, and homeowners. 

A lot of the sofa designs offer headrests, too. Extreme comfort can be had at furniture stores selling these high-quality modern sofas in the Houston area. 

Some sofas also come in velvet fabrics. While this style may be common in many homes, fabric with other natural elements as it has its own benefits to consider. 

Velvet has made an impact not only in fashion but also in the furniture design world. Throughout the years velvet has taken over the industry and will continue making an impact in 2022. For example, our dark blue velvet sofa provides both comfort and style. 


  1. Darker than usual 


Over the years dark finishes on end tables have been a common trend, and that will continue in 2022. Dark finishes give a stately touch to our end tables, a style we expect to remain popular in years to come.  


MidinMod, located in Houston TX, is the store for all your mid-century furnishing needs. MidinMod provides a wide selection of stylish modern tabletops at a very reasonable price, perfect for enjoying your morning routine with a nice cup of coffee and your newspaper. All our products are made to shine with their bold curves and expert craftsmanship from Scandinavian manufacturers. 

A contrast in color can lead the way to elevate the design inspiration in your home. Choose contrasting pieces to complement the environment in which you want the furniture to stand out.  

Darker tones tend to be a complement to the lovely warmer hues of the times. The dark wood that we use goes hand in hand with our orange hues, lending itself to the choice of brass decor to meld together into a unique look. 




Spice up your home decor with this year with warm and earthy tones. Think hues of elegant orange and terracotta to fill your rooms in 2022. 

Warm tones are a hot trend in home decor. Many interior designers are moving toward accent objects in warmer hues to balance light colored walls. 

Colors are a way to add life to simple and minimal room decor. In the excitement of adding new and trendy decorations to a room consider making drastic changes for a full new look. 

Plan on taking the time out of your day to take a good look at your living space. View from different perspectives and create a new vision for your home. Be sure to keep visualizing until you feel you have chosen the right one! 

Incorporating warm and earthy tones as a strategy will create a welcoming space for all your guests, so welcoming they will feel instantly at home. 




Devise a plan to develop your own personal twist on whatever design strategy you visualize. Get inspired by reading design magazines and watching home improvement TV shows. Blogs can also help introduce you to the modern furniture trends of 2022. 

Be sure that, as much as you desire a beautiful and trendy home with top-rated elements, your home reflects your personality. Let your home speak for itself as soon as your friends and family walk through the door for a dinner party. 

Are you looking to add more character to your new place? We've got you covered at our modern furniture store in Houston. Check out our complete online inventory packed with the latest mid-century modern furniture trends at www.midinmod.com.