How to Select the Right Dining Room Table for Your Home

Choosing furniture can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to your dining room. You might have questions about the size, shape, and style. Read here for tips and tricks to select the best dining room table for your space.

The best dining room table in Houston

The dining area of our homes evolves as we do. After all, the dining room was once a separate room just for eating.

Many kitchens now are the eat-in variety with a space set aside for more formal dining. And, depending on how you want to use your area, it can be challenging to choose the right table.

But, there are elements of your choice that are more than size or space. You'll also want something durable and affordable. And something you'll love no matter how you or your aesthetic change over time.

And, you may want something classic for that reason. A dining room table is a gathering place for family and friends, so take some time in choosing the right piece.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Space Relations

The best place to start in your search is to measure the dining area. Of course, you'll want your dining room table to fit, but you'll also need to leave room for people.

Experts say you'll need three feet of room on each side of the table. So, if your dining room is 10x10, for example, the most massive table you should consider is 6x6. This way, you'll have ample room for seating, serving, and eating in comfort.

Also, the shape of your dining area can dictate the best choice. If the room is square, a round or square table fits best. If the room is rectangular, an oval shape or rectangle is best.

Using painter's tape, try several shapes and sizes on the floor to "see" how they fit.

Size Matters

As long as we're talking about size, you might have to leave more than 3 feet of space around the table. If you have a buffet or are considering built-ins, then plan according to measurement.

If adding more furniture is in the plan, you'll want to keep the three-foot rule. So, look for narrower widths in your dining room table.

And, if you have a lighting fixture on the ceiling, make sure it's square in the middle. No matter what you may add to space, the lighting should be from the center of the room.

You can add more light if needed from sconces or lamps.

Best Shapes for Space

Rectangle? Square? Round?

Which is the best shape for your space? Your decision can be an easy one when you consider how you'll tend to use the table.


Round-shaped tables are ideal for a cozy setting where each person can talk with the other. And, the choice of a glass top offers more light in smaller areas.

For smaller dining areas, the round shape is ideal. For larger rooms, the downside is that they are usually 60 inches. So, if there are more than five people, it can get crowded.

If you like having guests for meals, consider a round version which comes with a leaf. A round-shaped table expands to an oval, perfect for more than six people.

And, if your dining room is a rectangle in shape, you'll want to choose an oval design rather than round. This way, you will use available space rather than having an ill-fitting look.


Rectangle shaped tables are by far the most popular. And, if you want to keep the dining area as roomy as possible, take a look at a narrow rectangle.

There are widths as narrow as 27 inches. They may look too small, but in reality, there is plenty of room for diners, sharing dishes, and cozy talk.

And, this leaves plenty of space in a dining area.


Square shapes are very contemporary by design and are popular as well. And, you'll need a good-sized space to accommodate one.

They tend to take up much more space than other sizes, so make sure you do the measurements. Sharing dishes is more difficult with this shape. But, you can seat many more people if you are the entertaining type.

If so, consider a pedestal type so your guests don't go home with table leg bruises.

Statement Seating

Once you have some choices in mind for your dining room table, you'll want to consider the seating that best fits. For example, many dining room tables have slick surfaces.

Adding soft upholstered or curved seating adds a comfortable feel. If you choose a table with warm wood tones, then modern plastic type seating is stylish.

And, fun colors are more inviting. Space-saving benches for seating is stylish. And, these can fit both casual and contemporary designs.

For more of a statement, some choose various seating in a variety of colors. And, adding color with a rug brings in your unique taste. Size is relevant here too, so measure first!

Eating is Forever

One of the most lasting furniture choices we make is our dining room table. And, since we eat every day, it will be in use forever.

It can also be a significant investment and should last 5 to 10 years. So, it is vital to choose a classic style you know will endure. Make sure when you're shopping, you look for evident nicks or scratches and check for sturdiness.

Choosing something funky and hip is fun, but you'll not want to look at it down the road as a big mistake. Look for a classic style and add your personality with seating, lighting, and artwork.

The Dining Room Table in Real Life

If you are like most people, the dining room is for more than eating. Homework and laptops are often there, along with the junk mail.

You may use it for morning coffee and a nightly glass of wine, too. So, make it comfortable. When you find the dining room table you love, you'll enjoy sitting at it also.

We have designs and prices for every taste and budget. Start shopping here, and fall in love with your home from the inside.