Meet the unsung hero of mid-century modern furniture:


The end table.

Mid Century Modern Inspired Coffee Table 

As functional as it is decorative, this all-too-often overlooked mid-century modern accent piece enhances any space.

The downside? Deciding which one to buy. Available in countless styles and materials, settling on the perfect mid-century modern end table is no easy task.   

Narrow down your options with these tried-and-true interior design tips:  


 Function first

How do you want to use your mid-century modern end table?

Though the contemporary end table is inherently multifunctional, it is your choice how you will put it to use in your home.

Your new end table could be purely for decor, a resting place for a table lamp or a safe spot to set down your daily cup of coffee. If you are scrunched for space, mid-century modern end tables with drawers offer extra living room storage for your TV remote or drink coasters.

Pick your purpose to find the best end table for your dwelling.   


Find the perfect fit

Now that you know what you want your end table to do, choose where your table will go:


  • End tables loved to be perched on either or one side of your sofa, next to a cozy mid-century modern lounge chair or in an empty corner with your favorite houseplant.


  • Measure the space you select. The perfect end table should not feel too snug. Allow breathing space on either side.


  • Interior design experts recommend an end table that is two-to-three inches shorter than your sofa or chair. At this height, you won’t have to awkwardly reach up or down to set down your drink or turn on the lamp.


  • Speaking of a lamp, make sure your new end table is wide enough for the fixture.


Befriend your tape measure. Exact measurements are important for correctly picking any mid-century modern furniture piece, end tables especially. 


Play with shape

End tables have a knack for making a room feel complete. The right end table will do this by balancing the other shapes already happily coexisting in your living room.

If your mid-century modern furniture features clean, straight lines, a curved end table is clearly in order.

Alternatively, balance your love of curves with a sharp-edged tripod end table.

Feeling daring?

The underappreciated end table is an exciting and subtle way to play with unconventional shapes. Surprise yourself (and your guests) with an end table that defies the standard circle and square.


Mix-and-match materials  

Too much matching deadens a space. Not enough matching can make a room feel scattered and unintentional. How do you master the go-between?

Here’s the trick: It is less about the type of material and more about the tones.


  • For a wooden end table, match the undertones of the furniture already in the room. Ideally, your wooden furnishings should all feature either light or dark tones. Choose up to three different types of wood to add vibrancy to the space without making it feel too busy.


  • Unlike wooden end tables, metal end tables don’t need to match tones. Metals, such as copper, aluminum or bronze, can all freely mix-and-match in the same space.


  • For the best of both worlds, invest in an end table with both metal and wood. The wood will give the space warmth while the metal will maintain that edgy vibe you love.


Handcrafted perfection

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