Interior design on a budget

Looking for Budget Friendly Design Direction?

Some of the best interior design inspiration is found in magazines and on Pinterest boards. Here, feast your eyes on mid-century modern perfection: Million-dollar homes and swanky upscale hotels, sans budget constraints.

When it comes to practical application, though, the pictures of luxury rooms might feel lightyears (and dollars) out of reach.

For most, designing on a budget does matter, and cheap counts. A home makeover is calling, but there’s only so much excess cash to get it done.

Take heart; mid-century modern style makes designing on a budget easy.

Combine a careful approach with the right mid-century modern furniture and decor, and you, too, can have the home of your dreams.

Preparation pays off

You have a budget to keep and every dollar counts.

Finding the perfect furniture is an obvious must, but no matter how good the deal, if the tufted sofa you saved big on doesn’t fit in your apartment, it doesn’t fit.

Even if you can get a refund for purchase, the time and energy spent browsing, buying and squeezing the sofa up the stairs equals wasted resources.

Save yourself a headache and the extra cash:

Use a trusty tape measure to find the dimensions of the room you are redesigning, and from there, the exact nook you have for the mid-century modern sofa you have been eyeing.

Balance lines with curves

Wondering how the designers always get the pictures to look so good?

Playing with lines and curves is an easy and effective decorating tip for anyone who wants to design on a budget.

The premise is simple:

A straight-back couch is best paired with a circular side table, a jagged-edge coffee table compliments your cylindrical sofa, and so on.

Aim to balance the curves with lines, and vice versa, as you shop for your house or apartment.

This simple design hack will create a space that looks professionally decorated without the cost of a professional designer.

Use what you have 

If you recently fell in love with mid-century modern design, you may feel the temptation to purge all non-1940s and ‘50s furniture, artwork and decor out of your home and forever out of your sight.

Starting your decorating makeover with a clean slate isn’t a bad idea.

Getting rid of everything you own is.

Discard what you no longer need, but keep in mind that mid-century modern is innately simplistic. Its natural colors and crisp lines make it easy to pair non-period accents.

So keep the canvas print from your last vacation, the colorful tapestry you bought on a whim and that handmade pottery your friend gifted to you for your birthday.

A few of these special complimentary pieces will still enhance your space while adding a touch of your unique personality—all without spending a dime.

Minimalism = Savings

Mid-century modern’s simple style is good for more than budget-friendly mix-and-match accessorizing.

The clutter-free vibe of the mid 1900s means one or two primary furniture items isn’t just a smart choice, it’s an essential characteristic of the period.

Here’s why:

Minimalism gained attention in tandem with mid-century modern design. Artists in the 1940s wanted to explore a different style than the over-the-top abstract expressionists before them.

This new generation of artists and designers preferred the basic and straightforward—which is good news as you design on a budget.

Choose one or two primary mid-century modern furniture pieces for your room makeover, such as a sofa or dining table.

From here, the enhancements are up to you and your wallet.

A side table or rocking chair is an obvious next pick, if you apartment has space to spare. Finish nesting with a touch of greenery; mid-century modern pairs exceptionally well with a succulent or two from your local greenhouse or farmers’ market.

Buy from the best

For the best savings, shop from a retailer who guarantees the highest quality at the best prices.

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