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Decorating Hacks For Small Spaces

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Decorating Small Spaces Furniture


Mid-century modern furniture enhances any space, no matter how cozy. But don’t take our word for it. Today’s small space decorating hacks will transform your tiny dwelling into a mid-century modern masterpiece, guaranteed.


The illusion of spaciousness

 The trick to making a small space feel larger is a combination of a dozen easy-to-try decorating hacks. These hacks work together to create an illusion of spaciousness.

 Hack number one? Stay away from dark colors. Dark tones add weight, causing an already small-sized-room to feel even more cramped and closed off than before you started redecorating.

 Instead, use a lighter color pallet featuring whites, greys and pastels. These colors will enhance any natural light that is already in the room, creating an open, airy ambiance that mid-century modern style prefers anyway.


Large and still in charge

 It may seem counterintuitive, but just because a room is small doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to small-sized furniture. In fact, too many smaller pieces will quickly make a tight room feel even tighter, resulting in a cluttered vibe.

 Designer pros recommend one or two primary furniture pieces, regular sized, to attract the eye and center the space.

As you shop for the perfect mid-century modern chair or sofa for the job, keep your room measurements handy. To truly create a spacious ambiance, your newfound mid-century modern gems need a little breathing room, away from the walls or corners.


Raised furniture is best

 Just like it is important to keep furnishings away from the walls, it is also important to keep your fab mid-century modern furniture off the floor. The extra air space under your tufted sofa or tulip armchair optimizes the feeling of roominess.

 Luckily, many mid-century pieces are already raised with chic wood or metal legs, making this decorating hack extra easy.

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Add hidden storage 

 No matter your decorating style, if you want to save space, furniture and decor that doubles as storage room is always a win.

 In mid-century modern design, one of the easiest options for sneaky storage is a coffee or end table with drawers. This subtle pick will likely go unnoticed by guests but prove extremely helpful for storing small items that can quickly magnetize clutter. 


Use what you have

 This hack is no secret: Creativity is a must when furnishing or redecorating a small apartment or house. Whenever possible, choose mid-century modern furniture that is multifunctional: Look for a dinner table that can switch to your work desk by day, or invest in a mid-century modern sleeper sofa ready to host your next out-of-town guests.

 Built-in bookshelves are another place for outside-the-box thinking: The right mid-century modern chair can be pulled up to a shelving unit to make a just-large-enough workspace that doesn’t take up any extra room.   


Have fun!

 Decorating hacks are intended to make interior design simple and affordable. Don’t let rules hold you back. Colorful artwork, bold accent pieces, mixed-metal end tables and zany patterns are all still allowed. Just remember that with limited room, a few favorite fun additions will go a long way. 


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