Sitting Splendor: 7 Types of Chairs You Need in Your Home


7 Types of Chairs You Need in Your Home

Many people don't realize how many types of chairs are available until they start shopping for home furnishings. Here's a list of 7 of the most popular styles of chair that will give your home a true sense of style.

When homeowners bemoan the state of their interior design, they may consider new wall colors or perhaps a few extra paintings to spruce it up. What few bother to think of, however, are chairs.

If you ever dive into the art of chair shopping, you'll be overrun with possibilities. There are dozens of basic types and thousands of designs. But if you want a true sense of style, there are only several you should consider.

Want a picturesque home that's easy to afford? Or how about a place that looks fashionable and is still comfortable to live in? Then read all about these seven types of chairs and learn what they can add to your homestead.

7 Types of Chairs You Should Consider

To save you months of research and the resulting eyesore, we've compiled seven of the most popular and stylish chairs here.

1. A Seat for Two

In the mood for some cuddles?

The loveseat is a classic addition to any home and it adds a certain invitation lacking in other chairs.

The most wonderful benefit of this furniture piece is its versatility. It can be used for two sitters or it can provide ample space for a single person to curl up and read. A loveseat can even act as a substitute couch for a small apartment.

Loveseats look neater with tight back cushions, and it's advisable to avoid the ruffles at the bottom unless it's near a bed. Keep a similar-sized piece of furniture nearby to avoid letting it dominate the room.

2. Add a Little Length

Indoor benches are a sneaky way to add some seating while promoting a dash of classiness inside your abode. Once more, versatility is the biggest advantage.

Here are a few ways or places indoor benches can be utilized:

  • At the foot of a bed
  • Below a window
  • At the dining room table
  • As a divider
  • As a small banquette

These pieces act as a visual anchor or a separator, making all the elements in a room work together. Throw on some plants to a wooden bench or place a few pillows onto a cushioned one to add the perfect touch.

3. Fancy a Flight?

Who cares about a wingman? Try a wing chair.

Wingback chairs are timeless, and they can fit into any type of decor thrown at them. So named because of the high, angular "wings" projecting between the back and arms, these have been a staple home choice since the late seventeenth century.

Go high-backed and spindle-legged for a traditional, upstanding look or use some upholstered pieces to match the interior decorations. Leather pieces are excellent for studies and sleek, solid colors add a taste of modernism.

These chairs work great in pairs, but a single one standing alone is so eye-catching it can become the focal point of the room. Squeeze in a coffee table or place one next to a fireplace, and you'll have a relaxing atmosphere that's ripe for guests.

4. Rock the Night Away

What's a home without a rocking chair? And, no, they should not be banished to the porch.

New designs in rocking chairs make them easy fits in even a modern home, although there is something to say for the old wooden, outdoorsy look a traditional rocking chair can bring.

Nowadays, there are rocking chairs that can fit more than one person or ones that look like a stuffed armchair until you notice the gently curving bottom. These types are excellent in sitting rooms, a kitchen corner or in a child's nursery.

Throw a quilt or half-finished scarf over the arm for a nostalgic look.

5. A Dash of French

For a sophisticated style, nothing beats the fauteuils. Created during the late eighteenth century in France, these chairs have open arms, feature wide sitting areas and are generally low to the ground.

They create a comfortable, airy look compared to their brothers the bergeres. Consequently, they can be used in any area of the house. Like wingback chairs, these pieces work well paired. Together, they can enhance a room and place emphasis on certain areas.

Their delicate, curved frames work well to offset large, heavy objects, such as bookcases. Additionally, the many choices in upholstery create endless opportunities for creativity and create a splash of bold color.

6. Add Some Curves

Its quirky design is sure to catch the eye, and its easy for sitters to lose themselves in its recesses. This list can't be complete without the egg chair.

Created in the late 1950s, it was manufactured to fabricate a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

Perhaps most noted for its use in the original Men in Black, egg chairs have been hot on the market in recent years. They work well for contemporary settings or as statement pieces.

A bright egg chair is an easy way to integrate a focal point within a living room or study, yet a dark one can quietly blend into rooms with natural colors, standing out because of its form but not creating too much variation.

7. Relax and Recline

Of course, no home is truly a home without a recliner. These chairs come in so many shapes and sizes, it's impossible to NOT find one that fits your home.

Leather ones, upholstered and floral designs, squarish or curvy structures . . . A shopper will surely find a recliner that fits his or her needs.

However, when using a recliner in the home, it's best to keep in mind decorating tips. Recliners can easily overwhelm a small room, so offset its weight with other large objects if space allows. Select simpler styles for contemporary homes, lavish and plush designs for homey, comfortable settings and taller structures for traditional environments.

Color is important here, as recliners draw the eye. Try a natural or darker color to keep it nonchalantly blending in, but if you have the extra space color adds excitement.

Just Sit Pretty

Whether you're shopping for comfort or visual appeal (or both), the many types of chairs on the market are sure to offer something to your liking. And these single pieces are an easy method to add a bit of life to a drab room.

But, of course, you're probably wondering where you're going to find these wonderful chairs.

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Sitting has never been so stylish.