Are you looking for furniture in Houston that is both stylish and practical? Here are 6 exciting furniture trends to use in your home today!

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Fall is a transitional time for many things like seasonal beverages and leaves on the trees.

It's also a transitional time for furniture as we look to new trends in 2018.

In 2018, interior design focuses on creating cozy at-home havens from which we can escape technology and the world. You'll notice warm, comfy tones, lots of natural elements, and eclectic touches.

While fall is an ideal time to find great deals on last year's furniture, it's an even better time to gear up for next year's stylish trends.

Before you can buy for next year's trends , you need to be in the know about what will be popular. In this article, we've laid out the newest trends in furniture in Houston for next year.


We know what you're thinking. Velvet furniture is something you'd find in your grandparents' place.

Well, velvet is making a comeback this fall and is perfect for cooler weather.

There are various ways to style velvet furniture. It looks particularly welcoming when you surround it with natural textures like wood and woven fabrics.

Imagine a velvet sofa next to a brick fireplace, a stack of firewood ready to go, and woolen blankets draped over the sofa

Velvet Sofa in Houston

If you don't have the budget for a full velvet sofa, try adding a few velvet throw pillows to the mix. These will go well with natural elements.


Along with plush leather, you'll notice more textures in the form of natural fibers. You'll notice these natural fibers mostly in the form of blankets and throw pillows. Wool and woven blankets will adorn sofas and chairs, adding to the feeling of coziness.

You'll also see more textures in furniture in Houston. Velvet is one such example with its stiff, fuzzy feeling.

With sofas and armchairs, you'll see designers create visual texture by adding more buttons to make rises and dips in the cushions.

Visual texture isn't relegated only to sofas and armchairs. Brushed metals, light fixtures, and wallpapers are all taking on some sort of texture.

Fringe on throw pillows and curtains might also make a comeback, adding to visual and physical textures you'll see next year.

Dark Finishes

Dark finishes in wood and metals grew in popularity in 2017. This trend will continue well into 2018 and maybe beyond.

Dark, natural wood lends itself to the idea that homeowners want to create an oasis from which they can escape technology.Plus, it goes with dang near everything so dark wood furniture pieces are wise investments.

Darker metals will make their mark in 2018. Copper was formerly the darling of the interior design world but will soon step aside for darker, brushed metals like brass and bronze.

You'll even see these two dark finishes combined. More designers are using dark woods and dark metals together in coffee tables, barstools , and dining room tables.

Geometric Patterns

The past few years have brought on a wave of modern, minimalist furniture marked by clean, straight lines. This wave of furniture perfectly lends itself to the newer trend of geometric patterns we're starting to see in wallpapers, decor, and furniture in Houston.

Many geometric designs have been inspired by Scandinavian designs. They're easy to incorporate into the textures trend we're beginning to see.

You'll also see furniture designers make use of dark woods and metals to create geometric  coffee tables and end tables, among other pieces.

Geometric coffee table in Houston

For an even bolder statement than a geometric piece of furniture, you can try out geometric wallpapers. We suggest temporary wallpaper, especially if you're a renter or like to change up your interiors a lot.

For a subtler nod to geometric patterns, try adding a few geometric throw pillows or planters to the mix. Both will add the right modern feeling without being overstated.

Intense Colors

Interior design is coming off the trend of pale colors like gray and white and diving head-first into bold colors like dark green and fuschia.

Dark green makes sense, especially with such an emphasis on natural materials like wood and textiles. The green and browns of the wood act as the base of this new color palette for 2018.

You'll see rich blues, dark reds, deep yellows, and soft oranges added to the palette. These colors all add to the feeling of an interior being designed around nature.

Together, these colors mix well with dark metals like brass and bronze. They also make for bold pieces of furniture that can easily become statement pieces in your living room or bedroom.


Upcycling has become not only a hobby for handy individuals but has become a legitimate business model for people across the country.

With a focus on the reduce, reuse, recycle movement, this trend is all about breathing a second breath of life into furniture and home decorations.

If you have an old chair that you got in a garage sale but haven't had the chance to re-upholster, now's your chance!

Take that old chair to an upholsterer or an upcycle shop and ask them to redo it to make it in-line with 2018's trends. Whether you choose velvet, geometric, or faux leather, you can't go wrong with updating an old piece of furniture.

Upcycling small items from around your home is another easy way to be on-trend for 2018.

Old planters can be spray painted with intense colors or a geometric pattern. Or, you can cover your most recent Amazon box with twine and line it with linen for the perfect storage basket for your bathroom or living room.

On-Trend Furniture in Houston

We're ready and excited for the emerging furniture trends for 2018. We love how the once sleek and "cold" modern designs are lending themselves to cozier interiors. It almost feels like a log cabin in the winter meets Scandinavian lines.

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