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5 Steps to a Stylish Apartment

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Any homeowner will agree that one of the toughest parts of maintaining your space is keeping it stylish. Styles come and go all the time, which can get expensive if you try to buy all new things to keep up. So what can you do as a new apartment owner? If you’re freshly out of college, you probably don’t have the income to be trend chasing.

 But here’s the thing - you don’t have to. The great thing about our generation is that we go by the beat of our own drum. So if you are looking to keep your Houston apartment stylish without breaking the bank, here are 5 things to keep in mind.


Wall Hangings

A really simple way to stylize your apartment is by hanging things on your walls. You can have wonderful apartment furniture and still get have a drab living space. By installing shelving and placing art you can give each room its own artistic feel. Mirrors on a wall will give your guests a sense that the room is bigger than it actually is. Use your walls to create a better feeling apartment.


Open Storage

One tip for instantly making your home more stylish is through open storage. Kitchen storage in apartments tends to be lacking, to put it mildly. If you’re in need of storage, invest in a metal storage unit to use as a second pantry (or a first pantry if your apartment is really small). Baskets as storage containers are a good idea too. They’ll definitely liven up the kitchen area.


Work With Your Apartment

Older apartment buildings are full of character. They command a presence of sorts, which is why our generation loves them so much. However, there’s usually a nook or cranny that leaves lots to be desired. Instead of using it for standing up your broom, or generally ignoring the corner, use it to your advantage. That uglier part of your apartment can become a point of interest if treated right. It’s important to use the space to its full potential - even the bits we might not like very much.


Chic Apartment Furniture

 Apartment furniture doesn’t have to all be hand-me-downs. Investing in apartment furniture is important for new homeowners. Additionally, having really good looking apartment furniture means that your older space can become a meeting place. Contemporary buildings work well with well-planned chic apartment furniture.


Save Space

 Because of cramped living quarters, you’re left to find space for your belongings. A great way to ensure you save space in your apartment is through smart apartment furniture. Beds with drawers built in are an excellent option when space is at a premium. Investing in a large centerpiece - like a wall-sized chest-of-drawers - gives you not only a focal point in your apartment but a storage unit as well.


Living in a stylish apartment doesn’t have to be difficult. By putting some thought into your apartment furniture and rearranging the layout will give your Houston apartment a sense of style that’s all your own.



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