3 Design Tips for Staging a Home with Mid-Century Modern Appeal

It’s no secret amid real estate agents that properly staged homes tend to attract more potential buyers, sell faster and often close for more money than non-staged homes. In fact, the National Association of Realtors recently reported several interesting statistics within in an edition of Profile of Home Staging. The report indicates that buyers felt that the most essential rooms to stage include the living room, master bedroom, and the kitchen/dining room. When determining a style to stage a home with, the most timeless and aesthetically pleasing option suitable for most any home lies within the realm of mid-century modern decor.

Mid-century architecture typically boasts open features, sliding doors and sizable glass panels complimented by well-lit spaces. Filling these spaces with mid-century modern decor often involves splashes of ‘retro’ accent colors that are muted through a dominance of natural hues on walls, flooring and staple furnishings. Mid-century styles have a reliance on minimalism that provides a light, airy yet organized look and feel.

Staging homes using this popular style makes it easy to create an appealing visual space using fewer pieces. Home staging professionals tend to lean towards accent pieces and furnishings with simple lines, colors, and materials such as wood, fused metal, leather, stucco, and steel. By sticking with basic designs that don’t overwhelm the space, staging is less likely to draw away the buyer’s attention from key selling points and home features that stand out.

The timeless appeal of mid-century modern decor is popular worldwide and has a wide appeal to potential homebuyers. While there is a wide range of what is considered mid-century and also appealing, here are three hot trends designers use when designing the style and furniture of a home.

1. Pick at Least Two Standout Showcase Pieces

With living rooms and dining areas being primary gathering spaces for families and friends, sellers and designers wanting to limit staging to a few select standout pieces should consider a dining table and an eye-catching spacious sofa.

Mid-century style sectional sofas can quickly fill space and serve as a focal point for living rooms--especially when properly finished with accent pieces and accessories. Dining tables are what real estate professionals consider ‘memory maker’ opportunities. By including a mid-century modern style dining table set, memories of the past and visions of future memories to come within the room come with ease.

Consider how to employ each piece concerning color when choosing a sofa or dining chairs. Should they be a somewhat flashy or more of a muted, natural hues such as classic leather materials? This depends on taste, but experts lean toward more traditional hues and materials in most staging situations.

2. Make a Statement With a Group of Items

By including a group of matching items such as a coffee and end table collection, nesting tables, or a group of matching (or even mismatched chairs) for the dining room, a bold mid-century modern design statement can be made. Accent pieces can make or break a room by pulling it all together or by shredding its confluence. Think about dark, sturdy minimalist pieces complemented with a splash of modern by choosing table sets with open shelves, compartment spaces or slots for remotes or drinks.

3. Create Focal Points to Complement Decor

The inclusion of a few potted plants, vases or books placed upon a mid-century modern style bookcase can give the home a ‘lived in, homey’ feel immediately. Accent these focal point features with strategically placed lamps or lighting fixtures appropriate for the design era. Wise home staging pros know how to use clusters of items, lighting and accent pieces to detract from any aesthetic flaws—or what some buyers may perceive as such.

Whether you're a professional real estate home stager, a designer or a home seller seeking to spruce up the home before listing it, contact our design experts to learn more about making mid-century modern furnishings and decor work to your advantage.